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warmed up a bit more. santa rosa mid90's. livermore last hour was 97 but going up to around record territory. with in the past few minutes, 99 livermore and san jose at 89 degrees earlier today. as far as temperatures right now it's still hot, still in the 90o's again. there is that 99 in livermore. concord 95, san francisco misting but mainly in the upper 70's. once again with this hot weather pattern in place air quality has been coming down. the spare the air day for tomorrow. the third day in a row unhealthy for the sensitive groups, the north bay, eastern district and the santa clara valley. around the moderate level. the on shore breeze near the immediate coast and bay. overnight first thing in the 50s to around 60. mild start for monday and another warm to hot day in the forecast for monday. that means temperatures inland approaching 100 degrees. i'm tracking a cooldown coming newspaper a few minutes. we will look at the time of that and when temperatures back down to the 70s and 80s. >> city leaders in richmond say they have big dreams for a green tech center and they need
in santa rosa, 92 in oakland, 90 in redwood city that is downright hot. what's good, there's no wind really. no offshore wind. no strong winds because this would be a red flag warning day. these numbers are huge and this is the time of year we're worried about. just like yesterday. almost a repeat of yesterday and that we're not seeing those strong winds. the fog tomorrow morning then tries to push in. you know i think it'll be there i'm not so sure it's going to be there. the model has it right along the coast. i think most likely by lunchtime or 2:00 you will feel the winds kick in. if you're in the avenues, you get the dry air and warm air. all of a sudden you smell the sea breeze. you can even see a rock out there by the cliff house when the winds shift. that's what's going to happen tomorrow morning when the wind shifts. so that will bring cooler weather. temperatures tomorrow at san francisco, they can drop 20 degrees from where they were today. i have specifics on your forecast. the five day forecast with your weekend in view. back here at 5:45. >> thank you, bill. >>> fall out into
francisco -- santa rosa. 90 in san francisco. high pressure weakens through this week. a cooling trend. significant cooling on wednesday and thursday. tomorrow upper 90s. right now no strong winds. i said it last week, talk about it, if this was a windy day, we would have different stories. when you take the fire danger thing out it helps greatly. any firefighter will tell you that. there is no reg flag warning. again, pull the wind out, you can take a deep breath and feel good about it. if you had wind on that fire, it would move. the winds right now are light. >> thank you. >>> eating and living right. the new effort in the south bay to check on the health in the community, that still ahead. >>> considering a smoking ordinance tonight. it would ban smoking in all apartments and condo miniums and parks, sidewalks, patios and public events. it is similar to belmont, concord and richmond. >>> a look at the state of its health and the factors that impact it. >> healthy eating. active living. neighborhood safety. those are part of our winnable battles. >> officials were on hand today to k
. and here is a look that numbers. 46 santa rosa. 45 napa. lots of 50 for san francisco, oakland, san jose and morgan hill. coming up, the temperature change for tomorrow and in two days shower chances. >> thank you. >>> an hour ago the blue angels performed their final flight for fleet week. they are so cool. they wowed the clouds as they flew over san francisco and the bay. the pilots performed stunts and coming up the economic impact the activities happening this weekend, what type of impact it had on san francisco businesses. >> gas prices hit a record today, rising 4 cents over night. yesterday gas rose 13 cents over night. currently the average price of gas in california is $4.65. a month ago it was $4.17. in san francisco gas is averaging $4.73. oakland, san jose, $4.67. ktvu's ann rubin has more on the reason behind the price spike. >> reporter: another day, another price hike at the pump. californians are paying a record amount. gas here is 84 cents higher than the national average. >> the prices are crazy. >> people need a break. it is way too high. >> i try not to drive. >> repo
, 43 in santa rosa. 43 napa. fremont 52 degrees. that is cool. 53 in san jose tomorrow morning. that is downtown. cool. tomorrow morning it will be chilly. that is how it will be all week. north bay valleys, forestville, temperatures are down into the upper 30s, maybe even mid-30s. chilly. high pressure sitting to the east of us. low pressure is giving us this temperature drop. as it its there today, temperatures, last week, this week, 60s mostly. a few low 70s. when i come back, i will track this low. as it moves east it will throw up a chance of sprinkles. a chance of sprinkles back in the forecast. >>> two reports out today are casting doubt on the economic recovery. they cut the forecast. it indicates exports are slowing ahead of global economic uncertainty. also, wall street analysts expect earnings to fall 2.7%. earning season kicks off tomorrow. an wall street today the dow is down 26 to 13,583. the nasdaq is down 23 at 3,112. the s&p is down 5 to 1,455. >>> a researcher won the nobel prize for medicine. he discovered that ordinary human cells can we reprogrammed into st
, 103 in santa rosa, 96 in san jose. that actually tied a record yesterday for san jose. take a look at what happened today. look at san francisco, coming up on 20 degrees. 71 in san francisco today, down from 94 yesterday. so a big drop-off in temperatures. we're looking for temperatures to continue to trend down in the next few days. the reason for that is -- there's my hand. there's low pressure here and you can almost see how we pull this up. so it's pulling the fog back in along the coast. the fog is going to be a player now for the next couple of days. the low pressure center is going to linger offshore and that's going to enhance at times and maybe do away with at times the fog. it's going to be sort of this in-and-out thing with the fog in the next few days the. suffice it to say, we have a cooling pattern. shower and marine layer gives way to a fat marine layer and you'll see it over the hills. it will be much cooler in livermore valley and morgan hill tonight. when i come back, we'll get specific with the forecast highs for tomorrow and we'll talk about the five-day forecas
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6

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